Dental Hygiene and Prevention

Dental examinations and cleaning / scaling routine are essential to Good oral hygiene and are the best way to spot problems their earliest stage possible. The Academy of General Dentistry recommends a bi-annual frequency, but depending on your condition it may be that your dentist prescribes a visit even more regularly. your hygienist and your dentist will guide you through:
  • panoramic digital radiographs and if necessary
  • the intraoral camera, which magnifies and illuminates all the structures in your mouth
  • the survey of your gums to determine the presence or risk of periodontal disease (which mostly have no symptoms pain)
  • scaling to remove plaque and tartar on encrusted teeth
  • and finally polishing with a paste professional
The first visit is recommended to a year and a half, unless your child has any of the following risk factors:
  • sleep with a bottle
  • thumb sucking
  • discolored teeth
  • Down syndrome
When their teeth begin to grow, wash them daily with a damp cloth to remove plaque. As more teeth éruptent, use a soft toothbrush for children with a toothpaste non-fluoridated, and until he / she is able to cough up the dough. When the child is ready to use a fluoridated paste, the amount thereof is the size of a pea.