Our Dentists

Our Vision

To create an extraordinary family-friendly practice that is regarded by patients, other healthcare professionals, and the community as one which exhibits honesty, integrity, and dependability throughout all facets of our work.

Our Mission

To be committed to lifelong learning in order to aim for professional and personal excellence, and deliver high-quality care and service in a warm, caring, and comfortable atmosphere.

To not only meet patients’ expectations but surpass them.

To change lives… one smile at a time!

West Island Dentist

Dr. Duc-Minh Lam Do

Dr. Duc-Minh Lam Do received his DMD in dentistry at the University of Montreal in 2004. He then completed a postgraduate certificate in multidisciplinary dentistry from the University of Rochester in New York in 2005. He continued training in esthetic and occlusal rehabilitation, treatment of tongue and lip ties, and treatment of sleep apnea and implantology. He is also one of the LASER dentists in Montreal working with a specialized team of medical doctors, registered nurses, IBCLC, pediatric chiropractors and osteopaths to help babies with breastfeeding issues from lip and tongue-ties. He also has a network of oral myofunctional therapists and speech and language pathologists to help older children and adults who suffer from tongue-tie. Known to have an attentive whole body approach to his patients, Dr. Lam-Do is dedicated to providing comprehensive masticatory system dentistry. His passions: triathlon and traveling.

Point Claire Dental Care

Dr. Sochea Da Lung-Tor

Dr. Sochea Da Lung-Tor received her doctorate in dentistry at the University of Montreal in 2006. She then completed a certificate in orthodontics and dento-facial orthopedics at the International Dental Institute in 2009 and is one of the only dentists in Quebec who holds a certificate in orofacial myology from the Graduate School of Behavioral Health Sciences (CSOM). She also completed the Advanced Restorative Esthetic Continuum at the University of Toronto in 2010. She is a member of the International Association for Orthodontics (IAO), the Order of Dentists of Quebec (ODQ), and the Association of Dental Surgeons of Quebec (ACDQ). She practices orthodontics at other colleagues’ offices. Known for having a gentle and caring approach to her patients, along with a quirky sense of humor, Dr. Lung-Tor is dedicated to treating everyone like her own family. Her passions: reading and traveling. She dreams to be a published author one day.